Megan Diaz, Graphic/Web Designer And With a Passion For Drawing

In January 2017 I have graduated as Mulimediadesigner from het Zoomvliet College in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. My love for Graphic and Webdesign wasn’t always there. Ever since I can remember I had a passion for drawing, and swore to myself that I would stay “old school” only using pencils, paint and paper never using a computer to make art. After finishing high school and picking the wrong classes I decided to give Mediadesign a try. At first it was a disaster because I had no clue how to design on a computer, a machine with no concept of how to make soft or hard lines ( These days you have tablets for that but of that I had no clue of that either).

I have come a long way since. I did an internship for John Rabou. Illustrating a childrensbook by hand and really enjoyed my time there. I learned a lot about the world of print and cleaning up pictures with Photoshop. My final Internship I did in Miami for IGreen Marketing. A company that does Graphic and Webdesign. I feel that I have learned more than I could hoped for in a short period of 6 months.

In future I hope to learn a lot more and expand my knowledge by getting an Associates degree in Webdesign. Meanwhile in 2015 I have started my own company small company Diazign in Web-and Graphic Design.